Free The Mind Press Kit

     Richard P. Brown, MD  and Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD

     Graduates of Columbia and Harvard Medical Schools


Become the Architect of Your Life and Manage Anxiety, Stress, Grief, and Negative Emotions Allow Your Inner World to Seek Freedom.

Balance the autonomic nervous        system for emotion regulation.

Developing act verses react                     responses and developing self referral awareness.

Saying good-bye to fight or flight  syndrome. Accept, face, and adapt.

Replacing  a mental or physical              state of tension and separation to a relaxed and harmonious state of belongingness, inclusiveness, and cooperation.

Activating resilient bounce back            from loss and sleepless nights.

Evolving from feeling stuck and a          small minded vision to an expanded vision of forward movement.

Embracing the unknown with              strength verses weakness.

Identify triggers that cause happiness and sadness. Empowering your choice.

Destroying the seed of sadness.

Turning negative laws of attraction into positive manifestations.


Our Uniqueness is integrating our Resiliency Coaching System, Technique, Attitude, Strategy, and Knowledge, (TASK © 1985) with the Breath-Body-Mind practices of Richard P Brown, MD and Patricia  L. Gerbarg, MD.

We integrate neuroscience and the breath to eliminate business and personal 'hot seat' scenarios within corporate environments to ascend to peak performance.

Outcomes are moving from indecision, doubt, fear, and feeling unsafe to feeling safe, aware, cooperative, creative, and a sense  of belonging.  Feelings and attitude move from a contracted tunnel vision view of things to an expanded view or broader vision.


Results include the ability to bounce back from stress, anxiety, or life's setbacks and releasing that which no longer serves a greater purpose.  Learn how to stay younger with the breath of longevity while activating innate healing capacities and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We are asset change makers in a topsy turvy world of stress and anxiety which is impacting our Inner and outer environments.

Unimaginable horizons and fresh cycles await.....

when old mentalities, invisible wounds, inflexible patterns, limited visions, and blocks fade away.

Customized Decompressing for:

C-Suite, Human Resources, Employees, Military Service Members, IT, Health Care, Care Takers, Legal, College Students, Youth at Risk, Public Servants, Baby Boomers Athletes, Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Care Takers, and Those Grieving from Loss or Feeling Lack.

Manage the link between body and mind to release the score the body keeps